HUSL is now Snag Work!

2018: will be the year of a new brand, new cities, and then some…

HUSL has a new name and a new website! We’re excited to show you the new colors and design, but before you go let us tell you why we’re changing our name.

Meet Snag Work

Our parent company, Snagajob, wants to create a world where anyone can get the work or workforce they want, wherever and whenever they want. It’s about more than jobs, it’s a new way to work and a new way to live. It’s the vision that we set out to deliver beginning a year ago in Richmond, VA. As we work to grow the flexible work movement nationally HUSL will get a new name — Snag Work.


Here We Grow

In 2016, a new idea was born in Richmond, VA. We launched as a pilot called “HUSL,” connecting great talent to open shifts at local businesses. Over the past year, you’ve helped seen HUSL grow into a thriving community of businesses and hourly workers, mutually enjoying the benefits of flexible work.

Thank you so much, RVA! Thank you for being fearless innovators, and thank you for trying a new way of working. We truly believe in a future of work that empowers people with flexibility and choice. With your continued feedback and support, we’ll get there together.