Filling Out an Application

Applicants from Richmond, VA can apply here.

Washington, D.C. applicants can apply here.

Our recruiting team reaches out as soon as we receive your application with a status update and to follow up with next steps. We hold interviews several days each week and will work with your schedule to find a time to meet.

Once you submit your application to work with Snag Work, our recruiting team will determine if you have the qualities and work experience that we’re looking for. If you do, we will reach out as soon as possible.

Once we do, we’ll set up an in-person interview at a time that fits your schedule. This interview will be fairly casual and informal, but do come prepared to impress. We’ll be looking for confident and outgoing personalities, so this is your time to tell us a bit about yourself and to shine.

The interview process begins with filling out the application or signing up for the waiting list—remember that the info you share here is what makes the first impression.

After a review, you may be selected to join us for an in-person interview and possibly a group orientation to meet other Snag workers.

We only want the best and are selective in who we chose to join the Snag Work team, so put your game face on and bring your best to every conversation.

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