Work when & where you want. Get paid quickly.

Make having a job work for you. Be in complete control of your schedule and your opportunities by using our app to find and claim nearby restaurant, retail, and hospitality shifts.

We’re not for the 9-5, paycheck every two weeks crowd.

The future of work is here. Are you ready to snag?

Meet Aaron. He’s a Snagger and this is his story:

We know it’s hard to believe but it really is this easy

Work when you want

Make the most of your time with Snag. Define when you want to work by what works for your schedule, not someone else’s.

Work where you want

You’ll receive a notification when a shift that matches your availability is ready to be Snagged. From there it’s up to you – decide which locations you’ll work at, and if you’ll Snag the shift or not.

Finish your shift and get paid

You Snagged your shift, now Snag your cash. Once your hours are confirmed by a manager, you’re set to get paid in two business days. No waiting 2 weeks, no payroll cycle, no paper checks. 

Who snags? People just like you Snag thats who.

College students

Every part-time job I landed could never give me enough hours – either my class schedule was too hectic, or they didn’t have any shifts available. I even tried two part-time jobs for a while – it was insane, and I never had enough money! Snag ended all that. I pick up shifts when I have time, I go to class when I need to, and now I always have enough money to pay for gas, food, and whatever else I want. Instead of everyone else being in control of my time and money, I am. Everyone told me the real world would be hard, but I guess they don’t know about Snag.

Moms and Dads

I’m a mom and work a full-time job already. My kids are getting older, and they’ve got lives of their own. Instead of sitting around the house I decided to “Snag” something new! It’s been great – I can pick up a shift or two when I know the kids have weekend plans and I can stay home when I know they don’t. The extra cash has become a second income for us – I only wish we had this sooner.


I’m saving for a bucket list vacation. There are a bunch of sites that’ll let you freelance, drive, or do odd jobs so you can earn some extra cash, but you have to negotiate your rate. I spent so much time discounting myself that it never worked out in my favor – so I stopped. When I pick up a shift with Snag I know the hourly rate I’ll be paid, and I can trust that funds are in my account soon after I clock out. In three months I’ll be touring Europe and India – it would have taken me a year if it wasn’t for Snag!

Three simple steps to Snagging your next shift

1. Snag shifts only when you want to work

You’ll get text notifications when businesses post new shifts that match your availability. Read through the shift description and hours and Snag that shift!

2. Clock in, cash out

Head to your shift prepared and ready to work. Snag will provide any uniform requirements and training videos you’ll need so you’re fully prepared. Work your shift then head home – it’s that easy! You’ll be paid as soon as 48 business hours after your hours are confirmed.

3. Repeat as many times as you’d like

After each shift is completed you and the manager on duty will confirm your hours worked and provide feedback. We want to make sure that we are matching you to positions and locations where you will be succesful and where you will want to continue to claim shifts.

Snagger DNA

Being a Snagger isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. We only invite the best of the best to this club.

So what does it mean to be a Snagger and how do you know if you’ve got what it takes?



When picking up a shift, you make a commitment to show up and perform a high quality service. We assume and trust that you will. Canceling a shift is okay, but not showing up results in removal from the Snagger network.



We take things like punctuality and responsibility very seriously — we have to and so do you. You are a reflection of the Snag brand and the qualities that we are expected to deliver. Showing up a few minutes early is a great thing!



We offer a variety of work opportunities, which means you could work in different businesses, locations, industries, and with different people each shift you accept. You’ll need to be eager to learn and quick to pick things up. When you aren’t busy, you shouldn’t be texting or asking what to do next — instead, find something to do on your own and really impress your manager.



Going to a new business can be daunting, you take it as a challenge to help each team achieve their goals. You strive to perform each shift better than the manager expected and learn new skills while working. You enjoy new experiences and want to know more about the businesses where you work.

Where can you Snag Work?

Richmond, VA

This is where it all started and where local businesses and workers have been snagging since April of 2017. With over 100 businesses signed on and thousands of shifts filled during the first year, we continue to evolve and test our service features here first. On October 12, 2017 Mayor Levar Stoney declared the day in our honor and in honor of all Snaggers! 

Washington DC

Launching in late April, the greater DC area will be our second national market where businesses and workers can snag work! We’ve got several great brands and businesses lined up and expect to grow quickly throughout the city and soon after into both Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Where could you be picking up shifts?

Five Guys

Richmond, VA and DC

Carytown Cupcakes

Richmond, VA

Delta Hotels by Marriott

Richmond, VA

Fat Dragon

Richmond, VA

Saxon Shoes

Richmond, VA

Ardent Craft Ale Brewery

Richmond, VA

The Boathouse

Richmond, VA

Mellow Mushroom

Richmond, VA

Still not sure if being a Snagger is right for you?

In the time it took you to read this, several shifts have been requested by local businesses. You could have claimed one of them to be on your way to earning some extra cash.