Professional Conduct Policy

Last updated: August 15, 2017



You’ve got high expectations of Snag and so do our Business Partners. When you claim a shift, our Business Partners trust you’ll show up on time, ready to work.

When a shift goes well, Business Partners continue to use and trust Snagand new partners sign up – this means more shifts for you from a growing business network.

When things don’t go as planned Snag enforces a behavior-based strike policy. Read on to learn about which behaviors lead to strikes, the consequences of earning strikes, and how strikes can expire.

Single Strikes

The following actions each result in 1 strike:

  • Late Drop: Cancelling a shift within 24 hours of the start time.
  • Late Arrival: Arriving late to your shift.
  • Not Calling Ahead if Running Late: Not calling ahead to say you’ll be late for your shift.
  • Early Departure: Making a personal choice to leave early from your scheduled shift, after proper communication and obtained approval from Shift Manager or HUSL representative.
  • Improper Conduct: Showing up to a shift unprepared and exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Strikes can be given at the discretion of Shift Managers and the HUSL team for improper conduct.


Triple Strikes

Some actions are very disruptive to our business partners and harmful to our brand. For those reasons the following actions each result in 3 strikes and a disciplinary review:

  • No call, no show: Not showing up for a shift you’ve claimed, without cancelling the shift beforehand.
  • Shift Abandonment: Making a personal choice to leave early from your scheduled shift, without proper communication or approval from Shift Manager or HUSL representative.
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When counting strikes HUSL has a “3 strikes in 15 shifts” policy. Receiving 3 strikes within your most recent 15 claimed shifts* will trigger a disciplinary review.

Disciplinary reviews carry consequences up to, and including, a 14-day suspension or deactivation from the HUSL network. See this article for more information about what to expect.

The good news is that strikes don’t have to be permanent. After receiving one strike, you can claim and work 15 shifts without issue, and that strike will expire and no longer count.

*This means a shift you claimed, but then dropped, will count towards the 15, even if you did not end up working that shift.

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HUSL reserves the right to conduct a disciplinary review if two strikes are received within your first three claimed shifts after you join. If there is an early pattern of behavior indicating you might not meet our expectations of commitment and responsibility, extra caution will be taken to protect our brand and our reputation with Business Partners.

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