On Call Shifts

From time to time, our business partners will have a critical need to fill in a shift quickly – within an hour or less.

To meet our business partner’s needs, Snag is exploring a standby workforce who can pick up a shift in a pinch. The idea is simple: you set a window of time you’ll be available at a moment’s notice, and if a shift is requested within that time you’ll be contacted to cover the entire shift.

Snag workers who sign up for these shifts must be motivated, flexible, have quick problem-solving skills, as these businesses are depending on you. When you work a pick up shift you’ll earn two dollars more per hour than usual worked than a regular shift  making your hourly rate $12/hour. You’ll still be paid within 2 business days of your shift hours being confirmed, but you’ll see two payouts in your bank account: one for the shift, and one for the bonus $2/hour.

We know being on standby isn’t easy. If you agree to work an on call shift but no shifts are posted you’ll still earn $20 just for agreeing to be available to work with short notice.

On call shifts may be slightly different than the availability window you set. If you think you may not be able to cover a portion of a pick up shift outside of your window, please get in touch with us ASAP so we can talk with the business for you.

Remember, Snag Work’s professional conduct policy still applies to pick up shifts.

If you drop an on call shift with more than 24 hours notice there is no penalty.

If you drop an on call with less than 24 hours notice or refuse a shift, 1 strike will be posted to your account and your account will be suspended as per our professional policy guidelines. On call shifts by their nature are last-minute, so it’s important that workers who agree to be available and work them can be relied upon.

It all depends on our business partner’s last-minute needs. When you claim an on call shift  and confirm a window of availability you should be prepared to tackle anything from dishwashing to office work. Once the shift comes in, the description will include more information and details for you.

The general location of your shift will be included in the on call shift’s description as a geographic region (downtown, etc). You won’t be required to go outside of the area accepted when you claimed your on call shift. Just like other Snag shifts, you’ll want to make sure you read the description before you claim the shift.

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