Before You Apply

Currently, Snag Work is only operating in and around Richmond, VA supporting businesses located on or near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. We’ve recently expanded to other areas of Richmond, including the Near West End, West End and Southside, with plans to keep growing into surrounding counties and Washington D.C. in Spring 2018.

Not in the Richmond area or Washington D.C.,  but interested in Snag Work?

Why not sign up for our waiting list and we’ll keep you posted of plans to bring Snag Work closer to you?

We primarily support the food service industry, and prefer that you’ve had similar experience. More importantly, we’re looking for positive, outgoing, and proactive personalities who are up for the challenge of learning something new at a moment’s notice.

Check out what we call Snagger DNA and see if you think you have what it takes.

Snag Work does not guarantee any number of hours or shifts weekly.

Snag Work offers opportunity to pick up shifts based on combination of our employer partner needs and your availability to work based on specific shift requests.

Please note that whenever you get a shift invite, so do all other Snag workers who have similar availability. The shift goes to the worker who accepts first. You can accept as many shifts as you’d like—there is no limit.

The simple answer is NO.

We want you to work when you’re available and being able to offer a flexible schedule is very important to us. You’re in control.

You’ll be able to select from a variety of roles including dish washing, food prep, customer service, register support, shelf stocking, event/catering setup and service, and more.

Snag Work currently supports many locally owned and franchised fast casual/fast food businesses, retailers, and event/catering businesses and is working hard to bring more businesses and opportunities to the mix. We also work with local nonprofits and volunteer groups as a way to give back to the community—but don’t worry Snag workers still get paid, we simply foot the bill.

Snag Work operates by working with a number of businesses allowing them to request additional work support in times of need.

For our workers this simply means that we match your availability with the requests of our business partners and when there is a match you will receive an invitation to pick up a shift. But act fast because you won’t be the only one receiving the invite.

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